BarTender or a printer’s native code?

You can spend hours of development time to create labels using the native code that’s embedded in a printer, using languages like ZPL, EPL and DPL. Or, you can create dynamic, WYSIWYG labels in minutes with BarTender.

Embedded code is expensive to maintain.

A change to label printing and formatting using native, embedded code can require expensive and time- consuming custom development resources — even a simple change, like sending a label to a different printer in the same facility. BarTender keeps your business agile and responsive — you can edit a label and securely roll the change out to facilities around the world in an instant, no custom coding required. Your labels are shareable across multiple printers and brands. You’re not limited to one type of printer.

BarTender enterprise label software — scalable and adaptable.

BarTender does things that embedded code just can’t do: auto-size text, center and right justification of text, variable font sizes, non standard serialization, scripting logic, source images as data and create advanced date / time formats and schemas. Your labels can include details that might not be supported by a printer, like specific font and barcode formats.

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Case Study

Dairy farm deploys BarTender labeling system to enable FSMA compliance

A BarTender-driven labeling system is enabling a dairy farm to meet rigorous federal food safety requirements, as well as to save time and reduce testing errors.

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